About | Sam McJunkin, Director

I'm a director creating motion/video content for marketing campaigns, large events, product advertising and promotion.


Specialties: Directing Corporate Videos, Web Videos, TV Advertising, Motion Graphics and Animation


Additional Skills: Editing, Writing, Storyboarding



A few of the companies I've worked with...

Work | Recent projects of note.

Project: My 2012-13 Reel


Role:  Director


Description: These are some of the projects that I have directed over the past 2 years.  it also represents the work of a ton of other talented people, including some very talented DP's like Mark McKnight and John Edwards.

Project: Microsoft Intune Web Ad


Role:  Director


Description: This is a piece I directed for Touch Worldwide and their Client, Microsoft. It promotes Microsoft’s new cloud based PC management tool, Windows Intune.


Copy Writer: Steve Johnston

DP: Mark McKnight

Editor: James Disch


Project: Microsoft Event Video


Role:  Director/DP


Description: I directed this video for Touch Worldwide and Microsoft..  It played at the Microsoft 2012 Worldwide Partner Conference.


Editor: James Disch


Password: mcjpro1

Project: Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference


Role:  Director


Description: In 2011 I had a chance to direct the day one open for Touch and Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  I had recently seen the work of an amazing dance and music group out of Japan called World Order and knew they would be a perfect fit.  Using some of their existing footage from around the world and new footage we shot in Los Angeles we created a show open that was a blend of video and live performance.  It was a huge hit and a perfect way to kick off the event.


Project: Spec Commercial for L.L. Bean


Role:  Director/DP


Description: I shot this during a brief snow event on Bainbridge Island.  I had brought my two pugs and my camera up to my brother-in-law's property.  As he worked outside my pugs watched the snow fall from the shelter of an old barn.  A simple setting but the moment was to beautiful not too shoot.


There are more projects on my reel that can't be posted on this page so let me know if you would like to see anything else and I would be glad to send you a link.

Contact  | Here are a few ways to get in touch with me.

Phone: (206) 617-6674